Lovina Floating Waterpark

Lovina, is generally a place where people would think about visiting to searchfor dolphins at sunrise or enjoy the great snorkelling. There is however a push to keep visitors to the area happy and there has been a new watersport activity for guests to Lovina.

The Lovina Floating waterpark was actually had been launched in 2015, but it had been removed because it did not have legal licenses and permits. Having gained the right operational requirements form the Provincial Government, so it has relaunched and is ready for business.

The Floating waterpark is located in Bali Bagus beach, Kalibukbuk, Buleleng, Bali.The floats are placed 100 meter from the beach. Visitors can get to the floats using traditional boats "jukungs" to reach the floating waterpark.

There are at least 9 games launched in the Floating waterpark; they are bouncer, the swing, the iceberg, trampolines, the torture, Jungle Joe, the slide twister, and rock slide. All the games cause the pumping of adrenalin of guests. As an example with the bouncer, its played in pairs. Visitors need to be on either end of the bouncer and they jump to launch the other person into the air. If they jump high enough, the partner can get up to eight meters of heigh.

All the floats are set up on the ocean floor anchored by stones and metal ballast which are environmentally friendly. The location of the floats is in a new zone, so it doesn't distract the conservation of the reef. The visitor can only enjoy the floats from February to October when the seas aren't that rough.

If you’re planning to spend a holiday in Bali and wanted to go to Lovina Floating Waterpark, we can accommodate your stay at our Villas and organize a tour from your Villa to Lovina as a part of your holiday activity with Total Bali. It takes about 2,5- 3 hours from Seminyak or Kuta.


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