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Bali, April 13rd, 2016

Free Tourist Visas result in China taking top spot for the beginning of 2016 from Australian travels to Bali.
Bali Government Tourism officially announced the number of foreign tourist arrivals to Bali in the first two month of 2016 on March 17th, 2016. 

Chinas tourists has taken the top spot position from Australian tourists, as the number one foreign tourist arrivals in Bali.

The China and Australia markets represent 47.41% of all foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia. In January-February 2015, Australia still lead the top position in the foreign tourist arrivals with 156,395 tourists came to Bali, but in the past 2 months there has been a decrease with only 154,892 tourists arriving. It means that the number of Australian tourists decreased about 0,96% over the past 2 months when typically there are increasing numbers. 

On the other hand, China who held the second position last year for people holidaying in Bali, has now gained top spot this year, with 145,747 Chinese tourists arriving in Bali from January-February 2015, and a much healthier second 2 months with 189.594 tourists coming to Bali. The number of Chinese tourists arriving to Bali improved by 30,08%. This has a strong correlation to the government granting visa-free facilities for Chinese, and also with the opening of new direct flight linking Shanghai with Denpasar by Indonesian flag carrier Garuda Indonesia. Moreover, the Chinese economy is relatively encouraging now and this is leading to a new focus for Bali's tourism sectors. 

It will be exciting to see if Australian arrival numbers received any increases, as there is also a Visa Free travel for Australian citizens. 

Japanese tourists occupied the third position with 39,371 tourists in January-February 2016, declined 2,89% from 40,544 tourists in the same period last year. Besides the top three foreign tourist arrivals position, there are British with 27,032 tourists (up 45,54%), South Korean with 26.861 tourists (down 5,83%), Indian with 25.753 tourists (up 48.64%), Malaysian with 25.186 tourists (down 10,89%), American with 24.078 tourists (up 31,55%), Taiwanese with 19.683 tourists (up 2,63%), and Singaporean with 16.875 tourists (down 16,28%).


Top 10 Direct Foreign Tourist Arrivals to Bali by Market Country
In January – February 2015 and 2016
Market 2015 2016 +/-(%)
Chinese 145.747 189.594 30,08
Australian 156.395 154.892 -0,96
Japanese 40.544 39.371 -2,89
British 18.574 27.032 45,54
South Korean 28.523 26.861 -5,83
Indian 17.326 25.753 48,64
Malaysian 28.265 25.186 -10,89
American 18.303 24.078 31,55
Taiwanese 19.179 19.683 2,63
Singaporean 20.156 16.875 -16,28


Source: Bali Government Tourism, Antara News, Bali Discover