Gili Meno Lombok

Karma Beach at Gili Meno

Escape into a tropical bliss on the tiny Island of Gili Meno. The Gili Islands are an archipelago of three tiny tropical islands of Lombok just hours from the mainland island of Bali. Each islet is a different size which a distinct character. Gili Trawangan (commonly known as Gili T) became popular in the 90’s as the ‘party island’ today it still holds that very reputation with a vibrant bar and party scene.

New and easy access via speedboat to the island has meant it has only become busier with growing popularity. The beaches have become crowded as beach clubs, modern accommodation, entertainment and cosmopolitan style venues have popped up around the island.

In contrast, Gili Air, the second largest island offers a balance between luxe boutique hotels, sunset cocktails and the ability to relax. Meno, the third part of the trilogy is as simple as it gets, a relaxing desert-island aesthetic. For an ultimate desert island experience, enjoy the rural delight that is Gili Meno!