Get glam and gasty-glam-inspired to see in 2016 under Bali’s most sophisticated restaurant and indoor garden, dining under those translucent roof columns.  Oh, and did we mention you will see in the new year with a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne at midnight?  To accompany your four-course ‘Taste of Indonesia’ Sharing Menu. Nice! Early dinner reservation settings are at each 6pm and 7.30pm, from IDR 600,000 ++.


This is a lovely place to spend an evening enjoying a drink overlooking the beach. The crowd is always nice though at the African parties, a little bit older, an enjoyable experience.
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Maybe tens of cafe and restaurants in Bali are offering an amazing sunset as one of their promotional highlights, and so is Mano Seaside.

Mano sea side is perfect walking distance from most Bali villas we would recommend or the for options on where to stay. 

Rather than eating at your Bali villa, you can contact us to book you a table at Mano sea side

Total Bali has many suggestions for keeping you busy. Please check our site Total Bali Activities


Hawa Gym Canggu

Hawa Gym has a new concept where all the fitness equipment provided is designed specifically for women and its use is tailored to the female body shape.

Welcome to Louis and friends, very comfortable homie style gym. With high class equipment and energetic feelings towards fitness. Friendly staff .


Bima Gym

Want to build a more muscular and healthy body you can come to Bima Gym, this place is equipped with various macem fitness equipment and you will be accompanied by a professional instructor to make your exercise  more controlled again.


Perkasa Gym

Mighty gym is a sports venue with complete fitness equipment with monthly or daily packages. Prices are relatively cheap

The Jungle Friday

Jungle Bali came out of nowhere and quickly become the happening spot – ONLY on Friday nights though. The rest of the time it morphs back into being a quiet restaurant. The outdoor jungle atmosphere, abundance of cooling fans and the rice field view is what makes it tick. The quality club sounds throughout the entire place is also another reason why it’s packed every Friday night. Speakers and fans are everywhere. Some call it the new 66 Club (the famed Bali club for over 20 years that closed its doors a few years ago).  Whatever it is that makes this place tick, they’re doing it right. If you’re into outdoor Bali style venues and the happening, sexy crowd this is the place for you on Friday nights.