Batur Geopark Museum

Kintamani, Bali 1st April 2016 


The Indonesia’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources (ESDM), Sudirman Said, officially announced Batur Geopark Museum, the first geopark museum in Indonesia which is located in KintamaniBangliBali.  

Geopark itself stands for education, science, culture, communication, and geo-science. UNESCO adopted Geopark to demonstrate geological heritage of international significance. The purpose of geopark is to explore, develop, and celebrate the links between the geological heritage and all other aspects of the area’s natural, cultural, and intangible heritages. 

It is about reconnecting human society at all levels to the planet that we all call home and to celebrate how our planet and its 4.600 million year long history has formed every aspect of our lives and our societies. 

As assigned by UNESCO in 2012, the Batur Geopark area has become one of UNESCO’s Global Geopark Network members which have ecological value that serve as the area of conservation and education. 

Moreover, Batur Geopark is not only showing the information of Batur Geopark specifically, but also showing three geopark essential pillars; they are geological heritage, biodiversity, and cultural diversity.  

Batur Geopark Museum itself was built in 2013 and directed to become the geopark center of excellence in Indonesia. Visitors will be welcomed by the miniature scale replica of Batur Mountain when they first enter the museum and be explained how the site works. Visitors can also see the representation of Batur’s natural history and cultures and also the information of other volcanoes in Bali and Indonesia. The detail information of the museum, Batur’s Caldera, seismograph to record the volcanic earthquakes, and volcanic stones from several areas that is affected by the volcanic eruption, are also provided here. Batur Geopark Museum is also equipped with meeting room, showroom with the big digital screen that will show Batur’s eruption, and diorama of eruption history. There are also some pictures that represented Batur Mountain and its eruption effects to the environment and many more interested things in Batur Geopark Museum. 

Batur Geopark Museum can be said as a source of information about volcanoes in Indonesia, specifically a place to store, research, exhibit a range of volcano matters, and describe the formation of volcanoes, eruption of material, shape, distribution, history, and benefits of volcanoes in Indonesia. 

Visitors should pay for only IDR 20.000 (adult) or IDR 15.000 (child). It takes only 1 hour and a half from Seminyak, Kuta. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss it!!! Come and enjoy your day  


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