Celebrate Halloween differently with Sheraton Kuta Resort Bali!

Halloween is a yearly celebration observed in numbers of countries and usually falls on October 31st. This yearly celebration purpose is to remembering the death. As the years passed and modernity finally touched Halloween, over the years, countries in the world have different ways of celebrating this yearly ocassion.

Generally in Indonesia, Halloween wasn't as famous as now. Halloween is something taboo that Indonesian didn't usually celebrate. Nowadays, Halloween party is everywhere with every concept! From costume competition to a horror movie night.

Famous places, nightclubs, beach bars and restaurants in Bali is up for it, let's check out one of them!

SkyGarden is Bali's biggest nightlife entertainment center. The first time you enter this club, all you feel is madness and excitement. This club is internationally known as one of the most visited nigtclub in Bali. The International atmosphere with amazing music is what most of people love about SkyGarden.

Back to out main topic, SkyGarden is finally announced their 8th Annual Halloween 2015 Costume Party!

Giving away more than IDR 50,000,000 cash prizes this competition winner will be nominated the Scaries, Sexiest or the most Orginal! (Hmm, let's save some ideas...)

Waaaaait, the fun won't stop there! Featuring World's #1 Model DJ - Amely, this party possibly the best you could ever! 

Have you pick your costume? See you at SkyGarden Bali!